Admissions & Referrals

Whether you are a parent or a social worker looking to place a child in out-of-home residential care, you should look for two main things:

  • A program full of caring staff who will nurture and develop relationships with the youth in the program. This is essential for the youth to get better.
  • That the program and staff are competent in the provision of services to the youth in their care.

These two things – caring and competence – are prerequisites for success of the youth placed in any type of out-of-home residential care. At Uspiritus, we provide both.

In addition, Uspiritus is the only provider in Kentucky that offers the Psycho Educational Model (PEM), a particular form of evidence-based programming that has proven highly successful with youth in care. PEM enables our staff to focus on relationships with youth while teaching valuable skills that transform their behavior.

Success is defined as our youth being able to move on to a less restrictive environment, whether that be therapeutic foster care, an adoptive or guardianship home, or going back home to family.

Uspiritus also provides a broad continuum of care for the youth and families with whom we partner. We offer in-home, community based, therapeutic foster care and independent living services, as well as training available to our youth, parents and social workers. This ensures that the youth we serve have opportunities once residential care is complete to move on to any additional services that they may need to continue their journey toward a better life. Uspiritus is a tried and true partner during all phases of care.

Admissions Information

Uspiritus welcomes referrals for state-committed youth, as well as youth who remain in the care of their biological family. We work closely with families and the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) to ensure we meet children’s needs with the appropriate placement.

Email referrals of children who are in the care of DCBS to us at

Email referrals of children for Therapeutic Foster Care or Independent Living to us at

Questions about Uspiritus programs or services? For questions about Residential admissions, call 502.515.0411. For questions about Foster Care admissions, call 502.515.0408 or toll-free 855.460.0990. Or, for either Residential or Foster Care admissions questions, call toll-free 855.460.0990.

“A loving Uspiritus foster family began caring for Destiny when she was a week shy of 2 weeks old. A year after being placed with her foster family, Destiny became available for adoption. The foster parents, unable to have children of their own, began the process to adopt Destiny. Although Destiny didn’t get a great start in life, her foster parents became her heroes, and they realized their dream of having a child.” – K. Blankenship, Uspiritus Staff

For more than 160 years, Bellewood Home for Children and Brooklawn Child & Family Services have worked separately to nurture thousands of Kentucky’s most vulnerable children.