Thanks for holiday generosity; BHSO licensure

There has been a great deal going on in Community Based Services.

I want to first acknowledge all the hard work, amazing generosity and fabulous teamwork that went into making the holidays a great success for all our Community Based kids. Holiday gifts were provided to all of our foster children by members of the community and we were able to sponsor any family in our in- home services program that identified a need (including any siblings in the home). I can tell you this is no easy task but makes a WORLD of difference in the lives of the child we serve and their families.

We were also able to provide food baskets for some of our families at both Christmas and Thanksgiving. The amount of appreciation from parents whose children would not have Christmas gifts or could not have a large traditional meal without the generosity of the great folks in our community is truly priceless. A huge thank you to all the volunteers, donors and staff for making this holiday a great success!

In other news, we have been working hard to obtain our Behavioral Health Specialty Organization (BHSO) license. This license will allow us to provide new services in the community if we choose to do so and gives us the credentials we need to provide many of the services we are currently providing under new Medicaid regulations. We are very excited about the many opportunities this will provide.