Changes will change how children receive services in Kentucky

Uspiritus Community Based Services is working hard to stay abreast of all the activity and change in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Many changes are underway that will change the landscape of how children receive services.

These changes are coming as a result of recognizing that we need to do a better job of taking care of children in this State, especially our children with mental illness. The goal is to make sure children receive quality services, can maintain in the home setting, if at all possible, and that we can minimize placement moves if removal from home is essential. This is GOOD FOR KIDS!

  • Here are some of the current initiatives that people across the Commonwealth are working on:
  • Performance based contracting— Service providers will receive contracts with the State based on quality outcomes for the children they serve (not just for following rules and having the correct paperwork).
  • Research based treatment initiatives—The University of Louisville is currently partnering with the State to research more effective treatment interventions and track what is working and what is not.
  • Standardized assessments – These assessments will allow both State workers and service providers to identify trauma and mental illness early on to ensure immediate and effective treatment.
  • Changes to the level system—The current system does not incentivize service providers to improve the functioning of kids. Work groups are trying to identify ways to reward providers who actually help kids get better and help kids have as few placement disruptions as possible.

We are excited to partner with the State, managed care organizations and other service providers across Kentucky to improve care to children. We will continue to strive to make whatever changes possible to ensure that we are doing what is best for kids and we are providing the best continuum of care for vulnerable youth and families.