There is a great need for the work Uspiritus does

By Abbreial Drane, CPA, MBA
Uspiritus President/CEO

Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves why we do the work we do and just how many children need our help. The following is from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services describing foster care:

When children have experienced abuse or neglect and must be separated from their parents or other relatives, they are most often placed in the temporary and safe care of approved foster parents.

While children are in temporary foster care, the main goal of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) is to reunify them with their birth parents as soon as the parents have received services to provide a safe and stable home. While working toward the goal of reunification, the child’s worker will complete a relative search and possibly place the child with relatives. The main focus is for children to have a permanent home, where they can be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

In some cases, children may not be able to be reunified with their parents or placed with relatives. The courts may terminate the parents’ rights and legally free the child for adoption. In many cases, foster parents choose to become the permanent and legal adoptive parents of children who have been in their foster homes. A temporary situation (foster care) then becomes a step forward to a permanent and lifelong commitment (adoption).

Why are children placed in foster care?

  • Some birth parents simply aren’t able to give appropriate physical and emotional care or appropriate supervision.
  • Some parents and some children can’t control their behaviors.
  • Some families have temporary crises, like health problems or loss of income and housing.
  • Some parents have serious parenting problems because of drug abuse, mental illness or other conditions.
  • Some birth parents voluntarily place their children for adoption.

How many Kentucky kids need foster care services? More than 7,500 children are currently in CHFS foster care and more than 900 of those children are in residential care. Last year, more than 700 children in CHFS foster care were adopted and more than 80 percent were adopted by their foster families.

Uspiritus is doing great work for children across the state with foster care, residential placements, family preservation and outpatient care services. There are many children who need our help. I’m glad children have a safe place like Uspiritus to help heal their hearts and minds.